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Through process and technology, TriTechne is leading the charge into tomorrow

End-to-end Fiber Project Innovations

 The challenges for the NextGen Network being rolled out lies primarily within the infrastructure.  Simply put, the behind-the-scenes components that actually disperse information from origin to all end-points.  The capabilites of NextGen Networks to power our future require huge investments from carriers in upgrading Inside and Outside plant operations/equipment.  This expense continues to grow as carriers look for multiple companies to carry out specific tasks in the process.  As the need to lower costs becomes the primary objective in these operations, where can carriers look to find a true convergent solution?  TriTechne is answering the call. 

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Making Homes and Businesses Intelligent

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Network expertise is a TriTechne core competency gained from years of experience and industry-leading process.  Network expertise is the very crux of transforming a house or office into a SMART Home or Business.  Leveraging network innovations with a vast array of products, TriTechne is Arkansas' leading IoT Smart Solutions provider.  Secure and functional WIFI, entertainment, security and alarm systems, Smart lighting, efficient energy management, Smart sprinkler systems, as well as a host of additional offerings, TriTechne will design and install a fully connected living/working experience.  Let us know who you are and what is important to you, and we will create YOUR home automation solution.

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