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TriTechne is a Conway, AR based services company within the telecommunications industry. We build, expand, and manage Inside and Outside plant services for our clients, with operations spanning coast to coast.  Using our set of standardized processes to meet customized client needs, we build teams tailored to reach goals based on our success-proven benchmarks and ever-evolving innovations.  The pride of TriTechne rests on moving the nation into the future of the Cloud by building and supporting NextGen networks.  

Founded in 2015 by Chase Blackwell, Tritechne's vision, growth, and continuing emergence can be traced back to the founder himself.  Five years before TriTechne's inception, Chase began his career in the industry after completeing his degree in science in 2010.  Gaining expertise in pole inspection, turf engineering, and managing nationwide projects, the idea of starting something new and different began to form.  After forming a relationship with a manufacturer, Chase made the decision that it was time to put in action his dream of a starting his own company.  An initial team of 5 grew to 13 in a few short months, and TriTechne was born.  Beginning solely as a design services company, TriTechne has evolved into a fully convergent telecommunications services company.  In less than 3 years, TriTechne has grown nearly 600% with 85 team members.  With an average age of 29, the TriTechne team is flexible, lean, and fearless, making an industry-wide impact by shortening project life cycles and expanding coverage.  

The name TriTechne refers to a platform to hone one's craft.  This is precisely the culture TriTechne encourages each team member to embrace.  Driving change through efficient, innovative, and agile end-to-end methodologies is every team member's responsibility.  This allows TriTechne to offer a true convergent solution, encompassing the vast array of telecommunication services.    

Telecommunications service companies typically specialize in only one sector of Tier 1 carriers’ fulfillment needs. Whether it be Planning and Field Design, or Infrastructure and Construction, or perhaps Installation and Testing for ISP and OSP projects, these services, when independent of one another, prove to be costly and time consuming. TriTechne distances itself from all other service companies in this regard. Through industry-leading technologies and benchmarked processes, TriTechne provides full-scale service solutions.  Translation: a value-add for our partners of 25% in costs reduction, and 60% reduction in project duration!

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