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Systems Design & Records

These two sections could arguably be two separate divisions, and in a lot of organizations are. However, we believe in combining resources across the multitude of project deliverable's, to gain efficiencies both for us and our customers.

Systems Design:

In the past this has been considered some what "Magic in a Box," but if you pull back the curtain, and reveal the truth to the magic you see that every physical system, has provisioning that give it operational control. This provisioning of operational controls, are set variables, that tell each device; what to do & how to do it. 

Most of the time, the required information needed to build the operational controls for a device, is managed by multiple silo'd groups. So the tricky part can be knowing not "what is needed," but "how to get it!"

TriTechne, from its founding, started in this world. As some of our first projects were for OEM's. We built the framework, around the architecture of provisioning operational controls, into a process. Essentially, our goal was to take the knowledge of "what is needed," out of the equation. Thus, our teams were only left with focusing on "how to get it." This led to us being very successful, at a rate faster than our competition. Which in turn paved the way for how we continue to do things today!

If Systems Design is something your team is struggling with, we would love to talk about our lessons learned, and some possible ways to structure your Systems Teams!

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Records are the first left behind, also the first Desired upon New Projects

Records Management:

This can be a topic of appreciation for a lot of individuals, who have experienced many years/programs in the networking world. If you have spent much time in this world, you have at some point felt the emotions of, "where did the records go?" 

If produced and maintained appropriately, records should be a tool of an organization. This tool should help gain efficiencies and produce a greater economical return on future projects. However, sometimes the whirlwind of day to day tasks can be a distractor, and thus the first thing that gets left behind, is the updating of accurate "As-Builts" into company records. 

As much of our leadership has been in the industry for the changing of technology, programs, intitiatives, etc. we have seen this time and time again.. 

TriTechne Records System Experience:

  • CAD Systems (Auto-CAD, ESRI, Microstation, Visio, etc..)
  • OEM Device Specific Management Systems
  • Carrier Specific Records Systems

Outside of traditional records systems, we are working on creating an automated data collection service, that possibly will help in records creation and ultimately solve the gap of human manual input in peak volume time periods. 

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