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We believe anything is possible, with the right platform of factors. The most important asset on any team is the leader.  With any program/project the Project Manager is that leader, and often times the success of the project can be measured off of the ability of that Project Manager.

TriTechne embraces this concept, while leaning on years of experience running major & minor projects.

Major projects are typically what we call "Programs." Programs, are made up of many projects, have more than two distinct goals, and are active for longer than six months. 

Minor projects are typically what we call "Projects." Projects, are singular goal objectives, usually running no longer than six months. 

How are we Different?

Our differentiating factor, is ultimately one that is a very elementary concept, we break the process down. However, the differentiating factor lies more in our beliefs of what we can do after we break a process down. Once we break a process down, to its core, we identify all the pieces of the puzzle and put them back together with our own spin. 

Our mind set is that a process can always be more efficient, you just have to be creative. 

This is what separates, TriTechne Management, from our competitors...

Do We Utilize Project Management Software?

Absolutely! We embrace every piece of technology that we can get our hands on. 

We utilize a third party base platform, but have built our own proprietary widgets on top of that base platform. In our opinion, our internal ERP system is what has allowed our company to ramp "program" efficiencies, that weren't obtainable prior too.


Do you have a "Major" Program coming up, and are interested in how to get it off on the right pace?

We would love to spend some time discussing our methods and view points of managing large scale programs with you!

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