Our Framework, Our Way

Strong Foundation, Seamless Process

Core values and vision drive TriTechne to cutting edge innovation and process.  Our production is a direct result of the groundwork put in place on the back-end.  Striving for more efficient processes results in greater value for our partners through lower costs and condensed project life cycles.  

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Industry-leading Culture


Defined as an integration of knowledge, tools, and all relevant activities of human activity for a common goal, Convergence is a cornerstone for the TriTechne model.  Always working together to refine processes, hone benchmarks, and bridge the Nation's NextGen Networks. 

Industry 4.0

 Usually reserved for the manufacturing sector, Industry 4.0's innovation/automation undertones speak volumes to the work at TriTechne.  Constant application pioneering is streamlining construction and engineer projects, lowering man-hours and finding micro-efficiencies. 

Emergent Scalability

With exponential growth, TriTechne has developed both the need and acumen to build teams efficiently in stride.  Much of this hinges on the importance of the team, and knowing exactly the type of motivated and passionate individuals needed to drive business into tomorrow.   

TriTechne Mission

TriTechne is a Conway, AR based services company within the telecommunications industry. We build, expand, and manage Inside and Outside plant services for our partners, with operations spanning coast to coast. Using our set of standardized processes to meet customized partner needs, we build teams tailored to reaching goals based on our success-proven benchmarks and ever-evolving innovations.  

TriTechne Culture

Teamwork is a core component of our success story at TriTechne.  In the office, in the field, working on site or remotely, the team depends on each member. The Team First mentality builds internal and external rapport, individual accountability and expertise, and strengthens TriTechne's scalability.   

TriTechne Coverage

 TriTechne's expansive coverage area spans coast to coast.  

Exposure to geographic and demographic hurdles throughout the regions heightens the team's core competency of flexibility and adaptation.