A Natural Progression


Network.  The veritable bedrock of which nearly all activity on this planet currently stands.  It is the unsung hero that essentially motors all things connected.  The more technology that comes available, the more of a premium is put on network capabilities and network knowledge.  Enter TriTechne.

Designing and building networks for entire cities for our nation’s largest carriers, TriTechne has accumulated much experience and expertise.  It only made sense to leverage this network knowledge in helping others navigate their way through a Smart Life.  And with that, a new division of TriTechne was born.

Taking the building blocks of networks we have helped build, TriTechne now ventures inside the structures we have enabled with fiber-based networks.  Security systems, Energy management, Entertainment, and A/V capabilities; all communicating with one another, all connected.

Efficient end-to-end fiber projects.  Custom Smart Space automation solutions.  Built on the common ground of network acumen.  “Hey Alexa, it is time for dinner…”, the west-facing shades pull closed, the dining room lighting moves up to 47%, your Smart TV is muted, your AC is bumped to 74 degrees, the setting is in place for time with your family.  At the same time, you  receive a notification your oven is still on, so with a touch on your Smart phone the oven is turned off, and your Smart irrigation system sees rain in the overnight forecast, so run times are shortened by 70%.  Touch, Voice, and AI all interconnected.  All made possible by your Smart Space, designed and implemented by TriTechne.  Oh, and by the way, your Smart Space is powered by a fiber-based network….also designed and implemented into your neighborhood by TriTechne.  The truest form of turnkey services.  Bringing NextGen realities to your life.

Innovation triggering technologically-focused process.

Infrastructure resulting in benchmarks and core competencies.  

Intelligence leading everything.