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Installation Services

Network Installation Services, was the 2nd realm of services that TriTechne ventured into as an additional service offering. Sparked by the high volumes of Connect America Fund (CAF2) projects, and fueled by our relationships with large equipment manufactures, it was a natural progression. 

During this first program (CAF2) we cut our teeth on DSLAM's, Switches and Routers. It was an easy transition, as we had already been the network design team for many years for that dedicated equipment.

As we have progressed through new and more complex systems, we have seen the whole array of different network system devices. However, in today's world, network devices are all around you. As consumer electronics are becoming more "Smart" even your TV's are considered Network Devices. Having a team that is well versed and trained in the appropriate policies & standards, is a must. 

Standards TriTechne Incorporate:

  • Telecordia Standards & Processes
  • ANSI/TIA Standards & Processes
  • NEC Standards & Processes
  • OSHA Safety Standards & Processes

We are big on developing a process, prior too commencing work on a project. A lot of times we will write up our own "Method of Procedure" for completing the job, which will specifically call out the applicable standards above that our technicians will need to incorporate while completing their project.

We have found that, by us doing this creates an additional step for us to ensure quality, efficiency and economical results for our teams...

Network Equipment Installations:

  • DSLAMS (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer)
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • WiFi Antenna's
  • Customer Network Interface Devices
  • CWDM (Coarse Wave Division Multiplexer's)
  • DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexer's)

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Installation Services

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Network Equipment Testing

With the above network device installation services, the testing of those devices is a crucial element. This deserves it's own section, as the testing of each device is the most important piece.

With technology progressing day to day, most equipment today is configurable and capable of many different services. As more network equipment is being deployed within a "Software Defined Network" topology, testing procedures are what define the expectations of each Network Device within it's own network. Whether, that test is being done centrally or locally, it's what gives the "box" its magic!

Locally testing, is what TriTechne specializes in. This is the process of having a tech that physically loads the operational controls ("provisioning script") into the installed network equipment, post installation and power up. In addition to the operational controls, this step of the process is the last line of defense, to ensure that all aspects of the new facilities being installed for the project, are clear of deficiencies, and are ready for network deployment. 

If deficiencies arise during testing, the ability for the testing technician to troubleshoot those deficiencies can make or break the project. Our technicians are trained within each of the test sets that are used, but also lean on the forum of experience that we have created. In 2018 our teams completed over 750 network equipment installations and test & turn-ups. Obviously, over the course of that many installs we have become somewhat knowledgeable of the trouble shooting process! 

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Network Equipment Testing

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