Smart Network, Peace of mind

A Network designed for your life

Sound Infrastructure

Ever had issues with connecting to the network in your Smart Space?  The design and infrastructure must align to accommodate a connected life.  Network is the brain, and muscle, powering all Smart things in your home and office. 

Bandwidth, Smartly Directed

What if your Smart thermostat requires 'x' amount of bandwidth, while your security system requires double that?  Network know-how is required to facilitate  system requirements in not only setting up a Smart network, but setting up a fully funtional, connected Smart network.

Plan for Smart Growth

With Smart tech evolving and growing rapidly, a Smart network must be implemented for future growth.  Let us ready your life for not only the Smart environment you want in place in now, but for the Smart environment you will let your imagination expand into tomorrow. 

Smart Security for your Smart Space

Intelligent Control

Let TriTechne design and equip your Smart Space with  that latest in Smart Security systems.  The ability to monitor and control through integrated voice and touch systems provides Peace of Mind, as well as Ease of Use.  


Whether keeping a watchful eye on the exterior of your home, or ensuring all is calm in the nursery while tending to the day-to-day tasks, monitoring a Smart Space has never been easier.  Through Smart phone or tablet, or even Smart displays throughout, security is more accessible than ever.  

Smart Assurance

Did I remember to lock the front door?  Is the garage door closed?  Is the alarm system engaged?  No more worrying.  No more uncertainty.  Location is no longer a hurdle in total control of your Smart Space. Let TriTechne alleviate the stress, and enable total control.  

Now that you have your Smart Space equipped with a strong network and effective security system, take a look at the options for Energy Management and Smart Lighting.  Click here

How can we help to secure your Smart Space?