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Making Your World Smart

Smart Homes and Smart Offices were once really cool ideas.  Evolving technologies and endless innovations are now making a Smart World a reality.  Now the 'cool' part, and lets be real, it's still very cool, is taking backseat to the many day-to-day benefits these technologies are providing.  Smart technologies are changing this world and reversing trends at an expedited rate.  Limitation is becoming innovation.  Costs are becoming cost savings.  Security concerns are becoming peace of mind.  The only constraints in creating an optimized Smart Space is how far you will let your mind wander.  See the avenues where TriTechne can help you realize your smart possibilities.

Smart IoT Components

Smart Network

To be connected, a sound network must be in place.  Leveraging 80 years of collective network acumen, TriTechne knows the design and equipment necessary to support any Smart Space. 

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Smart Security

In the pyramid of Smart Home and Business components, security is the next foundational level.  Simply put, what is most important to you?  The safety of your family and business.  

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Smart Energy Management

If preserving safety is number one on the list of Smart needs, then preserving money is a close second.  Smart tech is streamlining the methods of energy efficient spaces.  Climate, electric, gas, water, all controlled from anywhere, at anytime.  Click here to learn more

Smart Lighting

Safe to say this could be lumped into Energy Management, but there's just too many possibilities to silo Smart Lighting into one bucket.  Think of controlling all lighting (inside AND outside) from your phone, or with your voice, or even with tech-enabled environment recognition!

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Smart Display

 Multiple screens showing several games in a man-cave, a master bath display to check to see if the baby is awake, switching from the news to a security display to ensure all is quiet.  All connected, all Smart.

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Smart Audio

 Most probably own some blue-tooth enabled speaker device, and enjoy the functionality and versatility of such equipment.  Now imagine having that same convenience incorporated throughout the inside and outside of your home, with multiple zones of audio options, to fit everyone's interest.

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