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In today's world, we have come acustomed to the requirment of making quick descions. Usually, successful companies are defined by their ability to assess the risk of a project, and how fast their reaction time of making THE RIGHT DECISION..

Most of the expertise in TriTechne, and our partners comes from generations of Network Service Companies. Often times, our leaders are 2nd & 3rd Generation Network designers, contractors, etc.. This legacy, leads to understanding the past, and how to reflect on the right peices and incorporate them into our technology tools, to help make more accurate & timely decisions..

TriTechne, partners with a company called RapidCost, in-order to leverage technology to aid in Planning & Feasibility Studies. 

Rapid Cost is a GIS, quick action, data consolidation repository and database. Imagine, a system, that as you have ideas, it validates them within seconds! That is the aim of RapidCost. RapidCost, was developed by a group of individuals, all from different but important backgrounds. 

The partners of RapidCost, come from Telecom, Archeology, Computer Programming & Software, Construction, Accounting and Property Management. This diverse team, holds the key to why this software is so beneficial. Unlike its competitors, when a development is made, it is looked at from all the angles above, which results in qualified, user-friendly, on-demand results.. Most other systems are developed by a bunch of single faceted engineers, that have a hard time seeing outside their own box, as to what does the customer need or want, versus what they think should be in the system..

Deployments & Use Cases: 

  • Connect America Fund (Planning & Census Tract Feasibility and bidding)
  • Multi-City Fixed Wireless Deployment (Feasibility, Planning & Bidding)
  • Multi-City Dark Fiber Build-Out (Feasibility, Planning & Bidding)
  • Program As-Built Record Validation & Creation
  • University Campus Fiber Overlay (Planning, Bidding, As-Builts)

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