Managing Energy and Lighting, Smartly

Convenience, Efficiency, Savings

Convenience produced by Ease of Use.  A huge benefit of Smart Space Automation.  Control your climate, lighting, blinds, irrigation, ceiling fans, and so much more, from your tablet or phone.  Take it a step further.  Pre-programmed settings for each part of your day and night, taking even the slight manual touch out of the equation.  Not enough?  How about a system that learns of your environmental trends, and reacts accordingly.  These are possibilities with Smart Space Automation. 

Efficiency produced by fine-tuning every aspect of your Smart Space.  Blinds and lighting adjustments when the afternoon sun is beating down, cooling your house. Thermostat trends telling your system when it needs to work the hardest, and when it can be idle.  Irrigation controls recognizing certain dew points indicate zones 1, 2, and 3 will not need as much water.  Your Smart Space optimized.

Last, but not least, savings.  Financially, and more importantly, TIME!  Savings up to 30% monthly on electric, water, and gas from running an efficient Smart Space. In a matter of months, your Smart Space investment has paid for itself.  The time savings, though, are immeasurable.  We, as a society, are busier then ever before.  The one thing more money made, or saved, cannot buy us is more time.  Smart Space Automation, though, can provide this.  Let your down time be just that.  Let us give you time back in your life for what is most important.  

Smart Utilization

Touchscreen, Voice Control, Artificial Intelligence.  All ways to enable Smart Space control.  Adjusting your thermostat while at the office, sprinklers adjusting according to the weather forecasts, notifications that an oven may have been left on.  All interconnected facets to complete and automated control for a truly energy efficient Smart Space. 

Smart Lighting and Shade Control

Comfort and Customization

Seamless ability to control and program Smart Lighting and Shades is obviously a huge step in managing energy consumption and retention.  Letting natural light in, while keeping unwanted heat out, at different intervals of hours, days, weeks, seasons: all part of convenient control.  Shade and lighting programs that adjust for windows and bulbs on the west side of your Smart Space in the afternoon, communicating with their 'east wing' counterparts to react accordingly.  All parts connected, all parts Smart.  

Those are all rational thinking benefits.  What about the fun stuff?  What about movie night with the family?  What about a Skype meeting with colleagues across the country?  What about kick-off on Saturday evening when hosting guests?  Think of preset programs: "Game Time", or "Movie Night", or "Presentation Setting".   A simple touch would render the perfect setting for the exact situation you are planning for.  Imagine saying, "Hey Alexa, its game time", and the blinds close, the lights dim, speaker volume rises, and your Smart TV goes directly to ESPN.  Now your Smart Space has been elevated from intelligently practical, to incredibly cool. 

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