The Ideal Audio Visual Design For Your Smart Space

No limitations, no constraints.  What experience are you looking for with audio visual in your Smart Space?  How robust, or succinct, of a system do you need?  Whether the design is for entertainment for the entire family, business, or an integration of both, TriTechne will design the system you imagine. 

The Full Scope of Smart A/V

The Possibilities

When speaking with partners about connected A/V in their Smart Space, most will ask, "What all can we do?"  The better question is probably, "What CAN'T you do!"  Do you want to watch the game on patio, while listening to the music over the sound system?  Would you like to view the nursery on your living room Smart TV, while on a video conference call  working from home?  What about setting up the kids TV's on Roku, the living room and bedroom TV's on music, the outdoor TV on the game, with the game's audio playing throughout house...all from your touchpad in the kitchen?  All this, and so much more.

Smart Displays

A Smart TV is defined as a TV that connects to the internet.  Being able to connect this same TV to your touchpad, voice controlled hub, phone, or tablet; that makes your Smart TV an integrated component of your Smart Space.  

Offering a wide variety of brands, including the latest 4K resolution Smart TV's, TriTechne will help you choose the perfect display.  With prices lower than big box tech stores, and installation expertise, we are excited to partner with you!

There are literally 1000's of options when trying to equip Smart Displays.  Allow TriTechne to take the guesswork out.  Let us optimize your Smart Experience seamlessly, where you can simply enjoy it. 

Connecting your Smart Space with the Perfect Audio

Select a room.  Select an input.  Select the volume.  Ease of Use and total Smart Space audio control. 

Recessed wall or ceiling speakers for the ultimate home theater, crisp audio for office teleconferencing, or a simple bathroom audio system to start the day off with your type of music. 

Bring your outdoor living area to life with high quality audio! Listen to the game, or entertain your guests with music, while controlling all settings with ease. 

There are so many possibilities with accentuating your Smart Space with A/V capabilities.  Determine the right mix of where your wants meet your needs, and TriTechne will provide you with the options that best fit your eye.  Starting with your Smart Network, we will design a system bridging Security, Energy Management, and Audio Visual automation.  Ease of Use, Peace of Mind, Innovation of Imagination. 

Let's get started!