Deploying Facilities in the Air

Aerial Construction

Unlike Buried Construction, aerial construction can be fast and economical ways of deploying facilities quick to customers. Challenges can be easily over came, since they can be seen and planned for. 

However, even though it is quick and economical deployment method, this does not take away from the Safety precautions that need to be in place when building facilities in the air. A whole different set of safety regulations apply to aerial versus buried.

We have focused building our aerial crews,  around the saftey guidelines set by OSHA & NESC, to make sure that our crews are able to work safely and accurately.

Aerial Services:

  • Over-lashing New Copper and/or Fiber to Existing Aerial Cables
  • New Aerial Strand Placement
  • Self Supporting Cable (ADSS, etc..)
  • Pre-Terminated Fiber to the Home - Aerial Fiber
  • New Pole Placement
  • Aerial Tree Trimming/Clearing
  • Aerial Splicing
  • Customer Premise Aerial Drops

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